by manit January 11, 2020

VisiTel is a company that provides video conferencing services to jails for use by inmates incarcerated at correctional facilities. The system helps inmates communicate with family and friends without having to be physically at the jail using a web browser or a mobile device. Developed from the ground up and launched in 2016, we now have customers across the United States utilizing our product.

  • Programming Languages - C#, C/C++, Java, Kotlin, Object-C, Swift, PowerShell, SQL, JavaScript, Windows Batch Script
  • Web Technologies - ASP.NET, NodeJS, IIS
  • Operating Systems - VMWare ESXi, Windows 10 LTBS, Windows 2016, Ubuntu
  • Database - MS SQL Server
  • Mobile Platforms - Android, iOS
  • Other technologies - SIP, WebRTC, WebSockets, Web Services, Git, SVN